How does EAE Plugin work?

EAE Plugin is an ECE plugin and runs within an ECE instance. A figure below provides an architectural overview of an ECE deployed with EAE Plugin.


The EAE Plugin consists of 2 core classes, EaePlugin and EaePluginConfig. EaePlugin implements neo.xredsys.plugin.PluginService, providing a service method that can be called by ECE components. This method takes two parameters, ServiceRequest and ServiceResponse. The service method will resolve the ServiceRequest, extracting a query object which is forwarded to a query component. The query component will execute the query using EAE QueryService Client and then convert the query result to a pre-defined format that will be stored in the ServiceResponse object sent back to the ECE component. This is shown in the next figure.


Escenic Content Studio uses a query component called StudioQuery1.

When this plugin is installed, EAE Query Service Client will be available for the ECE components as well. Please refer to EAE Query Service Client JavaDoc, distributed with the EAE release, for documentation.