User Qualification

The term Qualification is used in a sense of rating articles.

Whenever an article published by a user is qualified, the user gets reputed which is called user qualification. Its possible to create groups for user qualification and let users be part of a group based on his qualification.

As an example a publication may have four UserQualificationGroup defined:

  1. Novice Writer - having score 1 to 2

  2. Average Writer - 2 to 3

  3. Good Writer - 3 to 4

  4. Pro Writers - 4 to 5

Now if the articles of a user are qualified 2.5 on an average, then the user belongs to the qualification group Average Writer (no. 2). If the articles published by the user gets higher qualification, and the qualification of the user reaches 3 or above, he gets promoted to the next user qualification group Good Writer (no. 3) and so on.