Publication Context Configuration Files

The following files in a publication's webapp context (i.e. WEB-INF) has VCE related configuration:

  • dwr.xml

  • community-plugin-beans.xml

  • struts-config-community.xml

  • struts-config-qualification.xml

  • struts-config-statistics.xml

  • struts-config-usercontent.xml

  • struts-config-forum.xml

  • struts-config-messaging.xml

  • struts-config-search.xml

  • struts-config.xml

  • web.xml

We have provided sample files of these in $VCE_HOME/misc/contrib/publication/WEB-INF. The reason for these not to be included automatically when you re-build your web application with Assembly Tool, is that these may be edited to suit your needs or amended to your existing configuration.

Start with web.xml.add where you will see how the other files are called (the finished file must of course be called web.xml). Make your adjustments and copy the files to your webapp's WEB-INF, e.g.:

$ cd /opt/escenic/community-engine/misc/contrib/
$ cp -r publication publication-orig
$ emacs publication/WEB-INF/*
$ cp -r publication/WEB-INF/* /path/to/myproject/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/

In addition to these files, the publication resource /escenic/plugin/community/security must be present. A sample resource file can be found in $VCE_HOME/misc/contrib/publication/META-INF/escenic/publication-resources/escenic/plugin/community/security.

You can now develop your web application as normal and run the Escenic Assembly Tool to generate the finished WAR that can deployed on the application server. Please see the Escenic Content Engine Installation Guide for instructions on how to run the Assembly Tool.