Database scripts

VCE comes with database scripts located in the misc/database/{mysql,oracle} folder of the bundle.

These scripts should be installed into the same database schema as the ECE is using, using the same DB user and password. However VCE allows the statistics module database to be installed in a separate database server. The database scripts for the statistics module are suffixed with 'stats'.

Please see the ECE install documentation on how to set up the database and ECE database schema. The VCE scripts should be installed in the following order:

On Oracle databases, you must also add create and view privileges to the DB user:

SQL*Plus> grant create any view to eceuser
  1. tables.sql

  2. constants.sql

On high volume sites, we recommend that a separate database is used for the statistics module, otherwise, the statistics tables may reside in the same database as the other VCE tables. The following scripts belong to the statistics module:

  1. tables-stats.sql

  2. views-stats.sql

  3. constants-stats.sql