Installing the Escenic Community Expansion software

Download VCE from, extract the bundle and create a symlink for it:

  $ cd /tmp/
  $ wget\
    --http-user <technet-user>\
    --http-password <technet-password>\

  $ cd /opt/escenic/
  $ unzip /tmp/
  $ ln -s community-engine- community-engine

Then, enter the ECE plugins directory and make it use the community engine symlink you just created.

  $ cd /opt/escenic/engine/plugins/
  $ ln -s ../../community-engine

When upgrading, all you need to do is to extract the new bundle in the /opt/escenic directory and update the community-engine symlink to point to the new release. When you then re-run the assembly tool, it will automatically use the new release as it only relates to the symbolic links.