Drop Resolvers

A drop resolver is an HTTP service that reacts to objects dropped into CUE relation drop zones. A drop resolver is invoked when an object that matches a specified MIME type or URL pattern is dropped in a drop zone. The drop resolver is passed a drop context containing the information needed to be able to upload content to the Escenic Content Engine or the CCI Newsgate back end. A drop resolver can therefore be used to seamlessly import external objects dropped into CUE.

A typical use of a drop resolver would be to handle the import of images dragged into CUE from a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. When such an image is dropped into a story relation in CUE, CUE checks the dropped image's MIME type or URI and calls the appropriate drop resolver. The drop resolver then uploads the dropped image in the background to the appropriate back end, and return the URI of the uploaded content to CUE. This allows CUE to continue with the drop operation using the URL of the uploaded copy rather than the object that was originally dropped.

Drop resolvers can also be used to customize what happens when relations are created by dropping existing content items into other content items' relation drop zones. You can use a drop resolver, for example, to copy an image dragged from a foreign publication into the publication where it is being dropped, so that the resulting dropped image is not cross-published.