Logout Triggers

A logout trigger is a simple HTTP GET request that is sent to a specified URL when the user logs out from CUE. It provides a mechanism for integrators to automatically perform other actions (such as logging out of a VPN) on logout from CUE. You can define multiple logout triggers. In this case, a GET request will be sent to each specified URL when the user logs out.

The CUE logout process does not wait for any response from the defined trigger URLs – it simply makes the requests and then performs the logout operation.

To define logout triggers:

  1. If necessary, switch user to root.

    $ sudo su
  2. Open /etc/escenic/cue-web-2.9/config.yml for editing. For example:

    # nano /etc/escenic/cue-web-2.9/config.yml
  3. Add a logoutTriggers property containing a list of trigger URLs to which GET requests are to be sent:

      - http://my-vpn-service/logout
      - http://my-other-service/logout
  4. Save the file.

  5. Enter:

    # dpkg-reconfigure cue-web-2.9

    This reconfigures CUE with the changes you have made.