NewsGate Story Folders

If CUE is connected to a CCI NewsGate system as well as an Escenic Content Engine, then an extra Story folders button is included in the column of panel buttons displayed on the left hand side of the home page. Selecting this button displays a panel containing all your Newsgate story folders.

You can filter the list of story folders by typing in the Filter field at the top of the navigation pane: only story folders containing the string you enter will be displayed.

Select a folder from the list to open it in a content tab.

A story folder contains the sections Stories, Assets, Assignments, Team and Contacts. All these sections have similar contents to the corresponding sections in CCI NewsGate, except for the Stories section. In NewsGate, stories are added to different packages for output to different media, whereas In CUE, a story can exist in different media versions, all of which share a common text.

To create a new story in CUE, select the + button on the menu bar. This creates a story in a new story folder, containing an online package (that is, an Escenic content item).

To simply add a new text to a story folder, select the + button in the story folder. The process of creating a new text is the same as in NewsGate.

The metadata properties displayed on the right of the story folder are the same as those displayed in CCI Newsgate and have the same meaning/functionality.