This approach is suitable for detailed analysis of specific templates when you already have some idea of what your problem is and you know approximately what you are looking for. You can only really use this approach on a test or development server over which you have full control. The general procedure is as follows:

  1. Prepare for the specific action you want to test. For example, start a browser and navigate to a specific location in the publication.

  2. Switch statistics collection on by running your statistics-on.jsp file.

  3. In a separate browser window or tab navigate to the web administration interface. Select the Clear all caches option to empty the Content Engine's caches.

  4. Select View JSP statistics followed by the name of the publication you are interested. This displays the statistics page for that document.

  5. Select the Reset link at the bottom of the page to clear old statistics.

  6. Click Back to redisplay the main page.

  7. In the other browser window/tab, perform the action you want to investigate - often just a single page display.

  8. Switch statistics collection off by running your statistics-off.jsp file.

  9. Back in the administration interface, redisplay the statistics for your publication. You now have a set of statistics for the action you just performed.

Statistics collected in this way give you a good basis for detailed analysis of particular templates. You might, for example, see that the action you performed has caused a particular template to be invoked many times more than you expected, or generated far more database queries than you expected.