Viewing The Results

Once you have set the neo.util.servlet.RequestInfo.StatisticsSource attribute and the publication has been accessed, there should be some results available. To view them:

  1. Go to the web administration interface.

  2. Select View JSP Statistics.

  3. The displayed page will at least contain a link called other. If you set the to the name of your publication then the publication name should appear there as well.

  4. Select the appropriate link. You should then see a display something like this:

These tables display results for the top 5 templates in each of four categories (DB queries, DB updates, memory and time). You can display a complete table for one of the categories by clicking on the link above the table: to display a complete memory table, for example, click on memory in the Top 5 memory usage heading. To display more detailed information about a particular template, click on one of the links in the uri columns of the tables.

To zero all the results, click on the Reset link at the bottom of the page.