Using A List Editor

A list editor is a tabbed window displayed in Content Studio's work area that you can use to edit a list.

A list is an ordered list of content items that are related in some way (a list of articles related to an ongoing news issue, for example). They can be used to create a collection of summaries that can appear in several locations but be maintained in one place. You can, for example set up a section page in which item 1 from a particular list appears in one location, item 1 and 2 in a second location and items 1 to 5 in a third location. You can then subsequently update all these locations in a single operation by replacing list item 1 with a new story.

To open a list editor:

  1. Open the Sections panel.

  2. Select a section.

  3. Click on the Lists tab.

  4. Either:

    • Select a list and then select File > Open Selected to open it, or

    • Right-click in the Lists tab card and select Create New List... from the displayed menu; then enter a name for your new list in the displayed dialog.


A list editor is very simple: all you can do with it is:

  • Add content items to the list and remove them.

  • Reorder the list.

  • Pin items in fixed positions.

To add a content item to the list:
  1. Select the content item you want to add (in the search results list, one of the section's inboxes/ other lists or your clipboard).

  2. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the content item to the required position in the list.

  3. Drop the content item by releasing the mouse button.

To remove a content item from the list:
  1. Select the content item you want to remove.

  2. Select Edit > Remove or press Delete.

To reorder the list:

Select one or more content items in the list, drag them to a new position and drop them.

To pin an item in position:

Drag the item to the required position and then click on its graphics/unpinned.png button. It will now maintain that position in the list even if you try to place other issues above it.

To unpin a pinned item:

Click on the item's graphics/pinned.png button.

You can change the layout of the list by clicking on the layout buttons ( graphics/layout-buttons.png ) above the list. This only affects how you see the list in the editor. It has no real effect on the list or its contents.