Using Content Studio

Content Studio is installed and kept up-to-date automatically. You do not need to explicitly install it on your computer, or apply updates manually. To install it the first time, you just visit a web page with your browser and click on a link there. Clicking on the link downloads and installs the application to your computer, starts the application and leaves behind an icon on your desktop which you can use to start the application in future. You will notice that subsequently the application starts more quickly because it is already downloaded.

Occasionally a new version of the application may be installed on your company's servers. The new version will then be automatically downloaded to your computer the next time you start the application.

In order to start using Content Studio you need the following items from your publication/system administrator:

  • The URL of the web page containing the WebStart link for Content Studio.

  • A user name and password for the publication you are going to work on.

Content Studio will often let you do the same thing in many different ways: selecting menu options, pressing keyboard shortcuts, clicking on buttons or "dragging and dropping". This User Guide does not attempt to describe every possible method. The menu option method is usually described for most operations. The keyboard alternatives for all menu options are displayed on the menu items themselves, so you can quickly find out how to perform the operation using the keyboard.

Many operations can be carried out by dragging and dropping, and this method is often described in the User Guide. The best way to find out all the things you can do in this way, however, is trial and error.

Buttons that have icons rather than text labels can sometimes be ambiguous, so they are described here. However, it's often enough to hold your mouse pointer over the button for a few seconds: a short text describing the button's purpose is then displayed.