This Installation Guide is intended to be read by the person responsible for

installing the Escenic Content Engine on one or more hosts. It should be read together with the Escenic Content Engine Server Administration Guide, which contains descriptions of the periodic administration tasks a system administrator needs to carry out once the Content Engine is installed and in operation, since there is considerable overlap between installation and maintenance of the Content Engine.

Both this manual and the Escenic Content Engine Server Administration Guide make the following assumptions about the Escenic installation and you, the reader:

  • The Content Engine is to be installed on one or more host computers running an operating system listed in Third-Party Components.

  • The supporting software components (database, web server, application server and so on) listed in Third-Party Components are either already installed on these computers, or available for installation.

  • You are a suitably qualified system administrator with a working knowledge of both the operating system on which the Content Engine is to be installed and of the components in the supporting software stack.