If relation.articles.includeCrossRelatedArticles is set to true, then lists returned by the PresentationArticle bean's articles property will include foreign content items (when appropriate). This is the default. If relation.articles.includeCrossRelatedArticles is not set or is set to any other value than true, then foreign content items are not included in such lists.

A foreign content item in this context is a content item that:

  • Has its home section in a different publication.

  • Has not been cross-published to the current publication.

If content item A in publication P is related to content item B in a different publication, and content item B has not been cross-published to P, then the related content item will by default be excluded from the list. If content item B has been explicitly cross-published to publication P, however, then it will be included.

This property allows you to ensure that such foreign relations will always be returned. The ultimate effect of setting this property is to enable links between publications via "related articles" lists.