Add A Family Configuration Layer

In really large installations with many servers, you may decide that it makes sense to define "families" of hosts that have similar functions (a "publishing" family and a "presentation" family, for example), and define corresponding configuration trees that enable them to be controlled as a group. Any properties that you want to be the same for all publishing hosts can then be set once in this layer rather than being set separately for each host in the host configuration layer.

You can create a family configuration layer in the same way as a host layer:

  1. Create an /etc/escenic/engine/family/family-name folder for each family:

    $ mkdir -p /etc/escenic/engine/family/family-name
  2. Copy the files containing the properties you are interested in overriding from the skeleton configuration layer to the corresponding relative location in each family-name folder.

  3. Modify each of the copied .properties files as required.

The location of the family configuration layer is defined as follows in /opt/escenic/assemblytool/conf/layers/family/

/etc/escenic/engine/family/${ "default"}

In order for this setting to work, the system property must be set on each host to the name of the family to which the host belongs.

If you are using a different location for your configuration layers, then you will need to modify this setting and redeploy (see Change The Location of a Layer).