Create an S3FileProvider Component

  1. Create a configuration-root/com/escenic/storage/aws/ file, or open it if it already exists.

  2. Make sure it contains the following entries:



    • your-amazon-access-key is the Amazon access key for the bucket you want to use.

    • your-amazon-secret-key is the Amazon secret key for the bucket you want to use.

Amazon provide S3 storage in a number of different regions around the world, and the number of regions is growing. Some of the newer regions (currently the regions China (Beijing) and EU (Frankfurt) require the use of a particular signature type (Amazon Signature Version 4), while older regions also accept an older signature type. For regions that require Amazon Signature Version 4, you must include a third property in your file:

regions = region-name

where region-name is the region's official Amazon region identifier — (CN_NORTH_1 or EU_CENTRAL_1 in the case of China (Beijing) and EU (Frankfurt).

For all other regions no regions property is required at present. It can be expected, however, that more regions may be made available in the future. For up-to-date information on which regions require Amazon Signature Version 4, see For a complete list of Amazon regions and their identifiers, see