Logging Level

Logging level determines how many messages the Content Engine outputs to the log file. For general information about this, see Configure Logging Levels.

Logging level can be set in three different places:

  1. In the trace.properties file. General, permanent logging level settings should be made here.

  2. In the configuration layers. You can set special logging level settings for a particular component in that component's .properties file. Any settings made here will override the general settings in trace.properties and are permanent. For general information about configuration layers, see Configuring The Content Engine.

  3. Using the escenic-admin application's View the logging levels option (see Configure Logging Levels). Any settings made here will override settings made in trace.properties and settings made in the configuration layers. The settings are, however, only temporary: they will disappear when the Content Engine is restarted.

In a production environment you are recommended to set the general logging level to ERROR.