This manual contains reference information about the Escenic tag libraries. These tag libraries were the primary mechanism for accessing the JavaBeans created by the Escenic Content Engine in earlier versions of the Content Engine. This is, however, no longer the case. You are now recommended to use standard JSP/JSTL tags and the JSP expression language to access the Escenic beans in most cases. For a description of this technique and some simple examples, see the Escenic Content Engine Template Developer Guide.

The tag libraries are, however, still available for two purposes:

  • In order to provide support for existing applications that rely on the tag libraries.

  • To provide specialized functionality that cannot easily be realized in other ways.

You are in general recommended to avoid use of the tag libraries in new applications, and only use them where necessary. All the tags that you should avoid using in new applications are marked as deprecated. If you are maintaining an existing application or for some other reason really need to use one of these tags, then you should look up the description of it in an earlier version of this manual.