profile Tag Library

All tags works with profiles in one way or another.

The essential tags in this taglib are:

  • attribute

  • present

  • use

  <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="profile" %>

We usually use profile as prefix to this tag library.

Common Attributes

To specify the PresentationProfile to be used, you must use one of the following attributes: profileId or name/property.

In most of the tags it is mandatory to specify either profileId or name/property.


The profileId attribute will get the PresentationProfile with that name.

Using profileId excludes the use of the attributes:name/property


The key value to look up an existing bean. There is two ways of using this bean.

Either the bean must be of type com.escenic.profile.presentation.PresentationProfile.

Or the bean must have a property to get the PresentationProfile. Then the attribute property must be used.

Using this attribute excludes the use of the attribute: profileId.


Identifies the JavaBeans property (of the bean identified by the name attribute) to get the PresentationProfile to be used by the tag. If not specified, the bean identified by the name attribute itself will be used as the value.

This attribute can not be used without the name attribute.