section Tag Library

This tag library contains tags that work on the current or specified section. The tags can get information from the section, expire the surrounding jsp-cache, set a new default section or get different Views. For more information about jsp-cache see util Tag Library, about View see view Tag Library.

The essential tags in this taglib are:

  • use

  • parameter

All tags are working with a section-object, except <section:parameter>. The default behavior is that they will use the current section. This can be overridden by the common attributes discussed below.

Syntax to import the section tag library:

  <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="section" %>

We usually use section as prefix to this tag library.

The following tags has been removed because they either did not work or was not finished: <section:hasAgreement>, <section:validateAgreement> and <section:checkVirtual>. They may be reintroduced later on.

Common Attributes

If you want to specify which section to work with instead of using the default section, you can do so by using one our common attributes. This is the possible attributes: section, sectionId, uniquename and name/property. They are mutually exclusive(except name/property).

When using name/property you must specify name, but property is not mandatory.


Must be a neo.xredsys.api.Section object.

Using section excludes the use of the attributes: uniqueName, sectionId and name/property.


The sectionId as an String in this attribute.

Using sectionId excludes the use of the attributes: section, uniqueName and name/property.


The unique name of the section.

Using uniqueName excludes the use of the attributes: section, sectionId and name/property.


The key value to look up an existing bean. There is two ways of using this bean.

Either the bean must be of type neo.xredsys.api.Section.

Or the bean must have a property to get the Section. Then the attribute property must be used.

Using name excludes the use of the attributes: section, uniqueName and sectionId.


Identifies the JavaBeans property (of the bean identified by the name attribute) to get the Section to be used by the tag. If not specified, the bean identified by the name attribute itself will be used as the value.

This attribute can not be used without the name attribute.