The Publication Resources

The publication resources are files that define the underlying structure of a publication. In many media organizations, the job of designing this structure will be carried out by a publication designer or information architect rather than by a template developer, so you may never need to modify these resources yourself. Nevertheless you need to know about them and understand how they determine both the editorial interface displayed in Content Studio and the data structures available to you in your templates.

There are four publication resources:


An XML file that defines the types of content items present in a publication.


An XML file that defines the logical structure of the section pages in a publication.


An XML file that defines the different versions of images that are to be used in a publication (for example thumbnails, small, large and so on).


A plain text file containing property settings that govern the behavior of the Escenic Content Engine.

The publication resources are stored in the following location in a publication WAR file or folder tree:


The publication resources are fully described in the Escenic Content Engine Resource Reference.