Exporting Postings

You can export Forum postings from a publication using the Content Engine's administration web application, escenic-admin. You can access escenic-admin by starting a browser and pointing it at:


where your-server is the domain name or IP address of the server on which the Content Engine is running. To export postings from a publication, select the Export publication content option, which displays the Export from publication form. You must fill in the following fields in this form:

Publication ID

Enter the ID of the publication from which you want to export postings.

Export content items

Check this option.

Content types

Enter forum in this field.

You may also fill in other fields if required (you might, for example, fill in the Section IDs field in order to limit the export to certain sections). For a full description of the Export publication content, see the Escenic Content Engine Server Administration Guide.

This is the only way to export Forum postings. You cannot export postings using the Content Engine's export service.