The following preconditions must be met before you can install Geocode 3.0.1-1:

  • The Content Engine is installed and in working order.

  • The Escenic assembly tool has been extracted and successfully used to set up a test EAR file as described in the Escenic Content Engine Installation Guide.

  • The Escenic Lucy plug-in is installed and in working order.

  • You have the correct distribution file (

  • If you intend to use the default service provider implementation included with the Geocode plug-in then you need a Google Map API key to be able to access Google Maps. To get a key you need to register as a user of the API with Google.

The Content Engine and the software it depends on may be installed on one or several host machines depending on the type of installation required. In order to unambiguously identify the machines on which various installation actions must be carried out, the Escenic Content Engine Installation Guide defines a set of special host names that are used throughout the manual.

Some of these names are also used here:


The machine used to assemble the various Content Engine components into an enterprise archive or .EAR file.


The machine(s) used to host application servers and Content Engine instances.


engine-host(s) that are used solely for (internal) editorial purposes.

The host names always appear in a bold typeface. If you are installing everything on one host you can, of course, ignore them: you can just do everything on the same machine. If you are creating a larger multi-host installation, then they should help ensure that you do things in the right places.