Auto-Tagging Entries

Live Center can auto-tag entries based on a variety of criteria:

  • The types of Escenic content to which an entry contains links (image, video, story, gallery and so on)

  • The types of social media items embedded in the entry (Twitter, YouTube, Vine and so on

  • Whether or not the entry is sticky

  • Whether or not various boolean fields in the entry are checked

Auto-tagging is implemented by means of transaction filters, a standard Escenic mechanism for extending Content Engine functionality. A number of ready-made transaction filters to support the tagging criteria listed above are included with Live Center, but you can also create your own transaction filters in order to support other tagging criteria. For general information about transaction filters, see Transaction Filters. For instructions on how to create your own Live Center transaction filters, see Live Center Transaction Filters.

To enable auto-tagging using the supplied transaction filters you need to:

  • Create a tag structure as described here. The tag structure must have the scheme (i.e name or identifier),2015. Add tags to the structure by importing the supplied tag syndication file tags.xml which you will find in /opt/escenic/engine/plugins/live-center/misc/tags. You can edit the tag labels in this file (to translate them, for example) before importing it, and you can if you wish add tag definitions of your own, but you must not delete any of the supplied tags or change their term attributes (IDs). Import the file as described here.

  • Configure Live Center to use the auto-tagging transaction filters you are interested in (see Configuring the Auto-Tagging Transaction Filters).