Using The Menu Editor

The menu editor is an XML editor that allows you to easily create a menu resource that is compliant with the menu DTD.

To start the menu editor:

  1. Start Web Studio.

  2. Select Menu Editor from the Components menu.

If you have not yet created a menu, then an empty window is displayed, as follows:


A message is also displayed indicating that a new menu resource will be created.

The editor window has three main components:


Containing various editing tools. See The Toolbar for details.

Element tree

A collapsible tree view showing the elements in the menu resource. See The Element Tree for details.

Attribute editor

Displays the attributes of the element that is currently selected in the element tree. See The Attribute Editor for details.

The basic method of working with the editor is as follows:

  1. Select an element in the element tree (initially, menudef is the only element you can choose).

  2. Insert a child element under the selected element by selecting an option from the Insert pull-down menu in the toolbar.

  3. Specify the new element's attributes using the attribute editor.

The insert function ensures that only valid elements are inserted, and the attribute editor ensures that the correct attributes are defined for each element.