Using the CUE Menu Editor

The Menu Editor plug-in includes a menu editing extension for the CUE editor.

The old Web Studio-based menu editor has been withdrawn. The new CUE-based menu editor does not support the includeMenu element at present. If you do not yet use the CUE editor at your site or if your menus make use of the includeMenu element to include elements from other publications then you should use a standard text editor to edit your menu resource files. For a detailed description of the menu resource format, see Menu Resource Reference.

To start the CUE menu editor:

  1. Go to the CUE home page.

  2. Open the Settings panel by selecting the graphics/settings-button.png button.

  3. Select Menu editor from the list of plug-ins by double-clicking.

The menu editor is opened in a new browser tab. If your publication already has menus, they will be displayed in the editor:


The menus are displayed in green and can be expanded and collapsed.