The Newsgate plug-in enables two-way integration between Escenic Content Studio and CCI Newsgate.

Escenic Content Studio can be launched from CCI Newsgate. The user needs to perform a log in when Escenic Content Studio is launched. Escenic Content Studio only needs to be launched once per session.

A story created in CCI Newsgate can be opened in Escenic Content Studio. If the story does not exist in Escenic, the story will be created automatically. When the article is stored in Escenic Content Studio, the story will be updated in CCI Newsgate. Related content such as related images, related media and related articles will also be updated in CCI Newsgate.

Newsgate story folders can be previewed in Escenic without opening Escenic Content Studio.

The plug-in also offers a set of services for exchanging content and meta data between Escenic Content Engine and CCI

URL resolver

A URL resolver implemented to support CCI URL resolver functionality

Article details

A web service for retrieving additional information for a given article in Escenic.

Export of content types

A service for exporting Escenic content types to CCI.


A service for providing an online preview of content sent from CCI.

Device Preview

A service for providing a multi-platform online preview of content sent from CCI.

Export publication structure

A service for exporting the publication structure to CCI.

Importing taxonomy definitions

A web service for importing taxonomy definitions from CCI.