The Poll plug-in allows content creators to easily add polls to Escenic publications. A poll consists of a question and a set of alternative answers. Publication readers can take part in interactive polls by selecting one of the answers.

An Escenic poll is a type of content item that contains a title, a question, and a series of possible answers. This makes it very easy for content creators to add polls to publications. To add a poll to a publication, a Content Studio user simply needs to:

  1. Create a new poll content item.

  2. Fill in the title, question and answer fields.

  3. Save and publish the new content item.

  4. Add the poll content item to the required section page, or add it to some other content item as related content.

The Poll plug-in provides:

  • A set of Java beans that provide the basic polling functionality

  • A JSP tag library containing tags that provide access to the poll beans

  • A set of Struts actions and forms that simplify the process of building poll templates

In order to make use of this functionality, a template developer must create a set of one or more content types and associated templates that present polls in the required ways. Template developers can control:

  • The overall look and feel of the polls in a publication

  • Where polls appear in the publication

  • Whether or not poll results are displayed with the poll or are hidden

The Poll plug-in is intended for lightweight, single-question polls. It is not suitable for purposes where secure, certain results are required, since it is not secure enough. Although it does contain some basic protection against multiple voting, this protection is cookie-based and easily circumvented. It is also not really suitable for multiple-question surveys, since it does not include any functionality for processing the results.