Test The Demo Publication

In order to be completely certain that the Poll plug-in is correctly installed and is working correctly, you can create a poll in the Poll demo publication as follows:

  1. Start Content Studio and log in to the poll-demo publication using the administrator account you defined when creating the publication. If you called the publication poll-demo, then the administrator account name is poll-demo_admin. The password is whatever you entered when creating the publication.

  2. Select File > New > Poll to create a poll content item.

  3. Fill in the content item's Title, Question and Alternative fields.

  4. Set State to Published.

  5. Click on Save.

  6. Click on Properties to display the Properties attribute ribbon.

  7. Click on the URL link displayed in this attribute ribbon. This should display the poll you have created in your browser.

  8. Click on one of the alternatives displayed in the poll. This should increment the result count displayed next to the alternative.

The poll will not work properly if you display it using the Content Studio Preview function. You must use the URL link to display the content item.