Change Log Daemon Release Notes

?? - ??

Upgrade Instructions

The following instructions assume that you have a standard Content Engine installation as described in the Escenic Content Engine Installation Guide. If this is not the case, then you may need to adjust some of the file paths specified in the instructions.

To upgrade from release ?? to release ??, you must:

  1. Log in as escenic on your assembly host.

  2. Download the version ?? distribution to a temporary location by entering:

    $ cd /tmp/
    $ wget

    Where user and password are the user name and password you have received from Escenic.

  3. Remove the old version of Change Log Daemon from your Content Engine plugins folder.

    $ mv /opt/escenic/engine/plugins/changelog/ /tmp/
  4. Unpack the dowloaded installation package into the plugins folder:

    $ cd /opt/escenic/engine/plugins/
    $ unzip /tmp/changelog-??.zip
  5. Re-assemble the Content Engine by running the ece script:

    $ ece assemble
  6. If you are installing everything on one host, then skip this step.

    Log in as escenic on each of your engine-hosts and copy /var/cache/escenic/engine.ear from the assembly-host. If you have installed an SSH server on the assembly-host and SSH clients on your engine-hosts, then you can do this as follows:

    $ ssh engine-host-ip-address
    $ scp -r escenic@assembly-host-ip-address:/var/cache/escenic/engine.ear /var/cache/escenic/


    • engine-host-ip-address is the host name or IP address of one of your engine-hosts.

    • assembly-host-ip-address is the host name or IP address of your assembly-host.

  7. On each engine-host, deploy the EAR file by entering:

    $ ece deploy

    and then restart the Content Engine by entering:

    $ ece restart
  8. Check the additional upgrade tasks specified for the following changes and carry out any actions you think are necessary for your site: