The Saplo Semantic plug-in for Escenic Content Engine provides an interface to the Saplo entity tagging service.

The Saplo entity tagging service searches submitted content for references to various subjects (or entities in Saplo terminology) and returns tags associated with the entity references it finds. The returned tags are weighted for relevance. Currently, Saplo recognizes the following types of entities: persons, organizations, locations, URLs and other.

The Saplo Semantic plug-in enables the Content Engine to:

  • Submit content items to Saplo for analysis and tagging

  • Map the returned Saplo tags to corresponding Escenic tags if they exist, or else create new tags

  • Convert Saplo tag relevance weightings to Escenic tag relevance values

  • Submit any manual changes made to tags or relevance back to Saplo. Saplo uses this feedback to customize its behavior, allowing you to improve the service's tagging over time.

The Saplo Semantic plug-in also adds a small extension to the Content Studio user interface to provide user access to the service. This extension consists of a Suggest tags button, which appears next to the Add button in the Tags section of the attributes panel:


Clicking on the Suggest tags button submits the text of the current content item to Saplo, and adds the returned tags to the content item.