Using the Saplo Semantic Plug-in

Once the Saplo Semantic plug-in is correctly installed and configured, a new Suggest tags button may appear in the Tags section of the attributes panel when editing content items. It may not necessarily appear with all content items - your publication designers can control which kinds of content items make use of the tagging service.


If this button is displayed, then you can auto-tag the content item by clicking on Suggest tags. If Saplo returns any tags, then they are added to the content item as suggestions:


If Saplo can't find any references to subjects that it knows about, then it will not return any tags and no suggestions are made.

If you are satisfied with the tags suggested by Saplo, then you can just save the content item and continue working. If you are not satisfied with the suggestions, you can:

  • Remove suggested tags

  • Add other tags not suggested by Saplo

  • Change the relevance values set by Saplo

Any changes you make are sent back to Saplo, and will be used to improve its future suggestions.