Using Snapshot

The Snapshot plug-in adds a tab to the editor area of Content Studio. This tab contains a set of forms that you can use to carry out most of the everyday operations needed to manage your blueprints.

This section contains a brief description of the contents of the Snapshot tab and what the forms can be used for. For detailed instructions on how to perform specific tasks, see How To....

Click on the graphics/snapshot-tab.png tab in the editor pane to display the Snapshot forms.

There are three Snapshot forms:


This form allows you to control which blueprints are used to render your publications.


This form is for managing blueprints, and provides functions for creating and deleting blueprints and branches, committing and merging changes, and so on.


This forms displays a list of session log messages.

Whether or not you can use the functions provided by these forms depends on your role, and the publication permissions granted to it. For further information about Snapshot permissions, see Roles & Permissions.