The following preconditions must be met before you can install Video 4.0.1-1 in a Content Engine:

  • Escenic Content Engine version 6.0.0-12 and Escenic assembly tool have been installed as described in the Escenic Content Engine Installation Guide and are in working order.

  • You have set up an Amazon S3 account that you can use for storing video files. For general information about how to do this, and how to configure the Content Engine to use S3 for storage of binary files, see Amazon S3 Storage. More specific instructions about the Video plug-in's use of S3 storage is provided in Configuration.

  • You have set up an Amazon Elastic Transcoder account, and defined the pipelines and presets you are going to use. For details about how to do this, see the Elastic Transcoder documentation

  • You have the required plug-in distribution file