Adding Watermarks To Video Content Items

A watermark is an image (such as a television channel logo) that is overlaid on a broadcast video. The Amazon Elastic Transcoder supports the addition of PNG and JPEG watermarks to videos during transcoding. Up to four different watermarks can be overlaid on a video in this way. The characteristics of these watermarks (size, position and so on) must be defined in your Elastic Transcoder presets.

Before you can configure the Video plug-in to add watermarks to your videos, therefore, you need to make sure that your Elastic Transcoder presets contain the watermark definitions you will be using. Each watermark definition has an ID that you will need to use when you are configuring the Video plug-in. Escenic recommends that you use the following watermark IDs in all your presets: TopLeft, TopRight, BottomLeft and BottomRight.

For general information about Elastic Transcoder watermarks, see AWS Watermark documentation. For information about how to create presets, see Creating a Preset in Elastic Transcoder.

Once you have created the Elastic Transcoder presets, you can configure a publication to add watermarks to videos by:

  • Creating a content type for storing watermark images

  • Configuring your video content type(s) by adding a reference to the new relation plus a watermarks element

  • Uploading the watermark images you want to use

  • Adding watermark section parameters to one or more of the sections in your publication

These steps are described in the following sections.