Choosing Pipeline and Preset Group

Your media content items may contain pipeline and preset group options. The default content types delivered with the Video plug-in contain the following two fields, which you will find on the content items' Metadata tabs:


Pipelines are Amazon Elastic Transcoder job queues (see About Amazon Elastic Transcoder for details). Usually you will have two pipelines to choose from:


Use this queue unless the content item needs to be transcoded and published in a hurry

High Priority

Use this queue only for rush jobs

Preset Group

A preset is an Amazon Elastic Transcoder parameter set defining the output required from a transcoding job (see About Amazon Elastic Transcoder for details). By choosing a preset group, you determine what formats your audio or video item will be published in. You will usually have a fairly small number of options to choose from, for example:


These fields may not be available in your media content items (or may be present in some, but not others), and may have different names.