Common Configuration Layer Set-up

This set-up task consists of copying example configuration files from the plug-in installation into the Content Engine common configuration layer (if necessary) and then modifying the copied files to meet your requirements. In detail, you must:

  1. Log in to your Content Engine host as the escenic user.

  2. If you installed the Video plug-in using the old-style installation method, copy all the supplied common configuration layer files as follows:

    $ cp -r engine-installation/plugins/video-4.6.0-1/misc/siteconfig/common/com/escenic \
    > /etc/escenic/engine/common/com

    If you installed the Video plug-in using the new package-based installation method, then this step is not required: the configuration file are automatically installed in the correct location.

  3. Edit the copied files as described in the following sections.

  4. Edit (which will already be in your common configuration layer) as described in