Updating The Database Schema

The Video plug-in needs some additions to be made to the Content Engine database schema. The scripts needed to make the required additions are included in the misc/database/ folder of the distribution. There are two sets of scripts, one for MySql databases, in misc/database/mysql, and one for Oracle databases in misc/database/oracle. There are three scripts in each folder:

  • constraints.sql

  • indexes.sql

  • tables.sql

To run the scripts:

  1. Log in as escenic on your database-host.

  2. Copy or unpack the appropriate scripts for your database to an appropriate location (for example /tmp/video/misc/database/mysql).

  3. Run the scripts as follows

    • For MySql:

      $ cd /tmp/video/misc/database/mysql/
      $ for el in tables.sql indexes.sql constraints.sql; do \
        mysql -u ece-user -pece-password -h dbhost db-name < $el

    replacing db-name, dbhost, ece-user and ece-password with the correct values for your database.