Media Content Type Definition

In order to be able to use the Video plug-in, you need to add at least one suitably configured media content type to your publication's content-type resource. For general information about the content-type resource and how to edit it, see the Escenic Content Engine Resource Reference.

A media content type must either be a video content type or an audio content type (not currently supported), and both of them can either be internal or external:


An internal media content type includes a link field for holding an actual video/audio object (an MPEG or MP3 file, for example). Such content items can therefore hold video/audio content, not just a reference to the content. An internal content item is usually created in Content Studio by uploading the video/audio content that is to be published (although it can also be imported in various ways, just like any other content). It is actually stored in the Amazon cloud and is therefore also often referred to as an AWS video.


An external media content type doesn't contain the actual video, it just contains a reference to content stored in some other location - usually a video cloud solution such as Brightcove. Currently, Brightcove is the only external provider supported by the Video plug-in. The plugin must be configured with Brightcove credentials in order to be able to automatically import videos from Brightcove.

The Video Plug-in distribution file contains an example content-type resource file (video/misc/example/content-type.xml) with more complete examples of the content type definitions described in the following sections.