Old-style Installation

Installing the Video plug-in involves the following steps:

  1. Log in as escenic on your assembly-host.

  2. Download the Video distribution from the Escenic software repository. If you have a multi-host installation with shared folders as described in the Escenic Content Engine Installation Guide, then it is a good idea to download the distribution to your shared /mnt/download folder:

    $ cd /mnt/download
    $ wget https://user:password@maven.escenic.com/com/escenic/plugins/video/video/4.6.0-1/video-4.6.0-1.zip

    Otherwise, download it to some temporary location of your choice.

  3. If the folder engine-installation/plugins does not already exist, create it:

    $ mkdir engine-installation/plugins
  4. Unpack the downloaded distribution file:

    $ cd engine-installation/plugins
    $ unzip /mnt/download/video-dist-4.6.0-1.zip