This manual contains reference information about the core components of the Escenic Widget Framework:

Data Sources

Data Sources are the "back-end" components that select the content to be displayed by widgets.

Core Widgets

A widget is a predefined template fragment that performs a specific function such as displaying teasers on a section page or displaying body text on a content page.


Templates define the overall layout of section pages and content pages. You create a page layout by defining a hierarchical template structure of groups and areas and then placing widgets in the areas you have defined.

This manual contains only reference information about individual Widget Framework components, and assumes you have a general understanding of the Widget Framework and how it works. Specifically, you should at least have read the Widget Framework User Guide. If you are going to use CSS to control the appearance of the widgets in your publication, then you also need to have a good understanding of both CSS and HTML.

The manual is primarily intended to be used by publication designers using Content Studio to create Widget Framework-based publication layouts.