Config Options

This group has the following options:

Inherits From (plain text)

Normally, a template inherits layouts from its parent in the template hierarchy. You can override this behavior by setting this option. Specify the section unique name of the template from which this template is to inherit layouts. The section you specify must:

  1. Be a template section (not an ordinary content section)

  2. Not be a descendant of the current template (to avoid a circular reference)

Main and Aside area split ratio (pick value from list, default=8/4)

Determines the ratio between the width of the main page area and width of the "aside" area. The ratios are based on the standard Bootstrap 12 column grid.

You can select one of the following values:

No Aside

No aside area is displayed. The main column occupies all 12 columns.


Main area 9, aside area 3.


Main area 8, aside area 4.


Both areas are six columns wide.

Aside position (pick value from list, default=Right)

Determines which side of the page the "aside" area is displayed on.

You can select one of the following values:

Left, Right