Teaser Grid widget

Selects content items from a special section page group type called Grid, and displays them using related Teaser views.

Grid groups give content editors some control over teaser layout by offering subgroups and areas that represent a variety of predefined column structures. The editor can select/design a column structure and then arrange content items as required in the structure. For further information about this process, see the Widget Framework User Guide.

The Teaser Grid widget must be configured to use one of the Grid groups on on its context section page (or alternatively on some other explicitly specified section page). It then arranges the Grid's teasers in the defined column structure, and uses its related Teaser views to determine the layout of the individual teasers. Which related Teaser view gets used for each teaser is determined by the Teaser views' selection criteria, in the same way as for a View Picker widget.

Grid is the default name of the special group type used by the Teaser Grid widget. This name can, however, be changed if required by setting the name?? property in /com/escenic/framework/controller/TeaserGridDefaultProcessor.properties in one of your publication webapp's configuration layers.