View Picker widget

This widget act as a connector between a Data Source (either embedded or external and one or more related Teaser Views. A Teaser View is a variant of the Teaser widget that has no Data Source of its own - that is, no embedded Data Source, and no means of attaching an external Data Source.

To use a View Picker you:

  1. Create and configure the Teaser Views (and possibly an external Data Source) you are going use. Configuring a Teaser View is more or less the same as configuring a Teaser - there's just no Data Source to configure.

  2. Create the View Picker.

  3. Define an embedded Data Source in the View Picker or else add the external one you created.

  4. Add the Teaser Views you created.

  5. Configure the Teaser Views to select the required content items from the Data Source. You do this by selecting each Teaser View in turn in the Related View field, and then editing the fields displayed in the content editor's Element properties pane.