How To...

This section contains some step-by-step descriptions of how to carry out specific tasks using the Widget Framework. The first few examples are based on the following scenario:

  • You have three publications that share a blueprint called blueprint-main.

  • They all have an existing section called Sports, based on a template called config.default.section.sports.

  • You want to add a new section under the Sports section called Tennis.

  • You want the Tennis section to have a slightly different layout to the other Sports sections, so you need to create a new template for it.

  • You want both publications to have the same layout except for the page header, which will be different in each publication, so you need to create an overlay for each publication that defines its header.

  • Two of the publications change the layout of the Sports page for the football World Cup, so you need to create an overlay that can be shared by both of these publications and easily activated for the duration of the world cup.

In order to achieve these objectives you need to:

  1. Create new Tennis sections (see Create a Section) in each publication.

  2. Create a template in blueprint-main that defines the layout for your new sections (see Create a Template).

  3. Edit the new template (see Edit a Template).

When you have carried out these tasks, add some content to your Tennis section and view the results in a browser. You should see that the Tennis section's layout is different from that of other Sports sections.