Configure Video Advertising Services

The Widget Framework supports the inclusion of advertisements in video streams from on-line advertising services that can supply ads in the following industry-standard formats:

  • VAST

  • Google IMA

Currently, you can only include ads in your videos if you use JW Player as your video player, and the only kind of ads currently supported are pre-roll ads. Pre-roll ads are advertisements that play before a requested video is played.

You can configure the inclusion of pre-roll advertisements in videos at three different levels:

  • At publication/section level, by setting the section parameter on a section to true.

  • At widget level, by setting the Enable pre-roll option on the Advertisement tab of a Media widget, Teaser widget or Teaser view

  • At content item level, setting the Enable pre-roll option on the Advertisement tab of a Video content item

In all three cases you also have to supply a Service content item. A Service content item is designed to hold the URL of an external service such as an advertising service. It has a field for holding a base URL, plus an array of fields for holding parameter names and values, from which a complete URL including a query string can be constructed. For a full description, see Defining a Service. How you supply the service content item varies as follows:

  • At publication/section level you specify the ID of the required Service content item by setting the section parameter. The ID of a content item is displayed in the Content Info panel if you open it in Content Studio.

  • At widget and content item level you simply drop the required Service content item into the Pre-roll ad relation on the widget's or content item's Advertisement tab

You can configure pre-roll inclusion at several of the above level. If settings conflict, then the most specific level wins: content item settings override widget settings and widget settings override section settings.