Display "Mega-Dropdown" Using Menu Pane Group

Displaying a menu directly in a Menu Pane group enables more complex menu layouts than using a Menu widget. You can easily create a menu containing "mega-dropdown" panes with complex multi-column layouts.

To display a menu in this way, add a Menu Pane group to your template. In the Menu Pane's group options set the following fields:


Set this option to Sections in menu.

Menu name

Enter the name of a menu you have created for this publication using the Content Engine's Menu Editor plug-in.

You can now add groups, areas and widgets to the Menu Pane group to define the layout of the drop-down pane you want to be shown for the sections in menu. You can use all the same components that you would use when creating a section page layout: Data Sources, Teaser widgets and so on. When the user selects a section from the menu, then the selected section is supplied to these components as the context section, and a pane layout is created.

The drop down pane is only displayed for the sections in the menu: other elements such as articles and links are simply rendered as links in the usual way.

Since sections in the displayed menu are rendered using the content of the Menu Pane, you cannot use this technique to display multi-level menus: any subsections in the menu will be ignored.