Enable Editorial Teaser Layout Control

The Widget Framework is in general designed to enforce a separation of concerns between editorial staff and publication designers, so that editorial staff have very little control over the layout and appearance of a publication. You can, however, provide editorial staff with some limited control over the layout of section page teasers. You can do this for teasers that are displayed by Teaser Views under the control of either View Picker or Teaser Grid widgets.

Enabling editorial control allows editorial staff to override the following aspects of teaser display:

  • The Teaser view used

  • The font size used for the teaser's title and/or lead text

  • Whether or not an image is displayed with the teaser

  • The image aspect ratio

  • The CSS style used for the teaser

Editorial staff are able to change these display parameters by setting options on the section page groups in which they desk the teaser content items (see Editorial Layout Control for a description of these options).

For information about how to enable Editorial teaser layout control in Solr, see Editorial Teaser Layout Control Configuration in the Escenic Widget Framework Developer Guide.