Creating a Template

A template is basically created in the same way as an ordinary section, but it must be named correctly and should be created in the config subtree of a blueprint (not in an ordinary publication). To create a template:

  1. Open the Content Studio Sections panel and expand the section tree to display the existing templates in the config tree:

  2. Select the template you want to be the parent of your new template and right click on it to display its context menu:

  3. Select Create sub section... from the displayed menu. The new section that will be your template is opened in an editor:

  4. Enter values for the following properties:

    Section name

    Give the template a descriptive name such as "Front page template" or "Football page template".

    Unique section name

    The section's unique name must be set according a special naming convention. For details, see Naming Templates.

    Relative directory URI

    It doesn't really matter what you enter here, but by convention you repeat the Unique section name, replacing all "." characters with "_".

    All the other properties can be left empty or with their default values.

  5. Click on Save & close.

  6. Double-click on your new template in the section to open its section page for editing:

  7. Add the groups and widgets you require to the template.

  8. Click on the Save button at the bottom of the section editor (or the Publish button if it is ready to use).