This approach is suitable for getting a general impression of where problems might be arising in a system, and is really the only approach that can be used on a production server. It is difficult to collect reliable statistics for a single operation on a production server because the chances of operations being affected by external processes such as competing threads and garbage collection are much higher. What you can do, though is simply gather statistics over a period of time (5 minutes say, or half an hour) on the assumption that such distortions will average out. You can then get a general impression of where most resources are used in your publication.

The procedure in this case is:

  1. In the web administration interface, select the Clear all caches option to empty the Content Engine's caches.

  2. Select View JSP statistics followed by the name of the publication you are interested. This displays the statistics page for that document.

  3. Select the Reset link at the bottom of the page to clear old statistics.

  4. Click Back to redisplay the main page.

  5. Switch statistics collection on by running your statistics-on.jsp file.

  6. Wait.

  7. Switch statistics collection off by running your statistics-off.jsp file.

  8. Redisplay the statistics for your publication.